Not dead yet, new issue in 2013.


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issue #5 OUT NOW !

Finally, issue #5 is out now.

68 pages, Full Sized in English, featuring:

REARRANGED interview (Russia | React! Records)
UNVEIL interview (Switzerland | Catalyst Records/Cobra Records)
RAINDANCE interview (USA | Glory Kid Ltd.)
BIRDS IN ROW interview (France | Deathwish Records)
REMISSION U.S Tour Report (Chile | Amendment/React! Records)
MITCH CLEM interview (USA | Punk Comic-strip artist)
SILENT MAJORITY retrospective (USA | 1991-2000)
MIKE HARTSFIELD vs MIKE KIRSCH double discographies article
WORMS IN THE BIG APPLE mixtape (wrap up on the current NY punk scene)
+ Columns, Record & Zine reviews, etc.

I also printed 50 copies of issue #3 which was sold out.
You can pick up both of them, along with issue #4 here:

Distros, bands, labels, get in touch if you can help with distribution:

PS: check out JSY! on Facebook

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Coming soon… (2012 edition)

Issue #5 is in the works, I want to have it ready by the end of April, let’s see how it comes out.
Things are looking really good so far, and I must say I’m pretty stoked about this upcoming issue.

Stay tuned!

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cover of JUST SAY YO! #4 by MATT GAUCK

* artwork by Matt Gauck
60 pages, full size, in English, including:

– interview with Vinnie Caruana (THE MOVIELIFE, I AM THE AVALANCHE)
ON interview
BÖKANÖVSKY interview
AUSTIN LUCAS interview
HATE5SIX interview
– the ultimate LEATHERFACE mixtape (by Alex Fox)
– Columns
– Reviews (Records, Zines…)

Available for 2 euros + shipping, or we can trade (get in touch!)
to order a copy order here or send me an email: just.say.yo.zine(at)gmail(dot)com
or go to the “distribution” section
if you want to help with the distribution contact me: papernab(at)gmail(dot)com

PS: check out JSY! on Facebook

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coming soon…

Yes, you can hold your breath.

(not the actual cover)

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new blog!

so, since Mypace turned the old page into a mess, I figured it’s time to do some kind of website to spread the word about JUST SAY YO! fanzine. Feel free to wander through the “blog” and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

PS: In case you’re wondering, this is NOT a webzine, I won’t post any of the content in here. JSY! is a paper zine, and paper zines rules!


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